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Payment Options

ForwardDental is a preferred provider for most dental insurance plans.  There may be a payment (copayment or estimated patient portion) due at your appointment (date of service) based on your insurance plan. The patient’s final financial responsibility can only be determined by the patient’s insurance company and may be different than the payment collected on date of service. Payment is due in full on the date of service for patients without insurance.

The Wells Fargo Health Advantage plan

ForwardDental offers the Wells Fargo Health Advantage plan, which provides patients with a convenient way to pay for dental procedures. The Wells Fargo Health Advantage plan gives eligible cardholders a variety of payment options with no annual fee. Contact your ForwardDental practice for more information or to obtain an application.

Dental Care Advantage and Dental Care Advantage Senior

Patients may also enroll in the Dental Care Advantage discount program, or for patients 55 and older, we offer the Dental Care Advantage Senior Program. These discount programs provide a 20% discount on dental care and significant savings on vision, hearing and chiropractic care. The Dental Care Advantage program also offers great savings on prescription drugs too. Low annual or monthly fees apply for these discount programs. Discounts cannot be combined with other programs.

Cash discount

We offer a 5% discount for patients who do not have dental insurance. To qualify, payment is due in full (via cash or check) on the date of service with no other outstanding balances.  Seniors also qualify for a 5% discount on all dental services.