Wisconsin ForwardDental Best Practice Award Winners

American Dental Partners held their annual Best Practices meeting in Boston from March 9-11th.  During the “Night of Honor” several teams and individuals were recognized for their commitment to service excellence to their patients and teams.  Wisconsin winners include Dr. Chris Meyers, Sheri Bader, Ashley Miner, Danielle Kober and Kim Grensavitch.  Each winner is selected based on nominations from other team members in their affiliates and/or across the country.  We also want to congratulate the ForwardDental-Delafield employees for winning the Practice of the year award.

Congratulations to all of our winners.  Thank you for all you do.

Patient Safety Awareness Week

The 15th annual Patient Safety Awareness Week is March 12-18. The theme, “United in Patient Safety,” opens the conversation between health care professionals and their patients to unite as members of the patient’s health care team. Together, working as a team, and keeping lines of communication open, both providers and the patients can reduce harm and ensure the integrity of the care that is delivered.

March 6, 2017 National Dentist’s Day

Dentists aren’t the most popular people in the world. But without them, we’d all have terrible teeth, and no doubt forget to floss or get regular check-ups. What would we do without dentists when we get a tooth-ache, and need help with braces and fillings?

This Dentist Day March 6th, consider that dentists aren’t the bad guys, that they’re real people too, and that you probably aught to take better care of your teeth. Hooray for our Forward dentists!